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DealWorthIt offers various features to assist investors in analyzing and underwriting multi-family real estate deals. These features include:

  1. Quick and Detailed Underwriting

    With our platform, you can perform quick underwriting to get a preliminary idea of a deal’s potential in as little as 60 seconds. If it’s worth further exploration, use our detailed underwriting feature to perform a more thorough analysis of all aspects of the deal.

  2. Market and Comparable Data

    DealWorthIt helps you understand your competition and identify your deal’s upsides with data on rents, other charges, and services of similar apartments in the same market as your property.

  3. Proximity to Places

    A geographical representation of the property and its proximity to amenities, including grocery stores, restaurant, schools, hospitals, etc., gives a better picture of the neighborhood and the caliber of tenants the property will attract.

  4. Demographic Metrics

    DealWorthIt has information on demographic metrics such as population, employment rates, household income, education level, labor force, migration flow, etc. This data provides an overview of the different characteristics of the area where the property is located.

  5. Multiple Scenarios

    Underwrite the same deal multiple times and compare the scenarios to find the one that works best. Each of your team members can underwrite the same deal as a separate scenario and compare them to find the best option.

  6. Team Collaboration

    Add partners to underwrite deals separately or jointly, sync deals with your team, and share notes and important documents in real-time.

  7. Deal Records

    Keep all important documents about the deal in a central place and add notes about potential issues or risks associated with the deal. This helps you make informed decisions before committing to invest.

  8. Future Profits

    Calculate your deal’s potential future profit based on the value you plan to add to the property. Add charge monthly pet fees or covered parking and see how much more profit you can add to your deal.

Overall, DealWorthIt’s features are designed to help real estate investors save time and money, make more informed investment decisions, and close more deals, faster.

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