Investor Breakdown

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Investor Breakdown in DealWorthIt offers the flexibility to analyze the performance of individual investment groups within a commercial real estate deal. This includes detailed breakdowns for both general partners and limited partners, allowing for granular analysis and tracking of returns based on specific investment classes.

  • For general partners, DealWorthIt enables users to break down returns according to multiple general partners involved in the deal. This feature facilitates precise assessment of each general partner’s contribution and performance within the investment.
  • For limited partners, DealWorthIt provides further granularity by allowing for the breakdown of returns into different investment classes. These investment classes can be categorized based on varying investment levels, such as Class A for investments exceeding $250,000, Class B for investments ranging between $100,000 and $250,000, and Class C for investments below $100,000.
  • This level of detail in the investor breakdown feature enables syndicators and investment managers to effectively track and manage the performance of different investor groups within a deal. It allows for tailored communication, reporting, and decision-making strategies based on the unique characteristics and objectives of each investor class or general partner involved. Ultimately, this enhances transparency, accountability, and investor satisfaction in commercial real estate syndication deals.
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