Adding Members To Account

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To underwrite with your team, you must first be on the Diamond Subscription Plan. Additionally, you need to invite your team members in the Team section. Simply click on the Team menu in the main menu panel to invite team members. Once they have accepted your invitation, you can proceed to inviting them to your deal.

If you’re underwriting with a team and have a Diamond Account, you can invite your team members to underwrite alongside you using the “Invite Team” button, located near the top middle between the address and convert button. Within the team section, you can assign permissions to each team member, such as viewer, editor, or admin, granting different levels of access to the deal. 

The viewer can only view the deal without the ability to make any changes. The editor is authorized to make changes and update the deal. The admin has the authority to make changes and invite other team members to the deal.

You can also assign scenarios to team members, allowing each member to underwrite their own scenario. For example, if you wanted each team member to underwrite their own scenario you can create several clones of the same scenario and assign each person on your team to a different scenario to underwrite on their own. When they have completed you will be able to compare those scenarios side-by-side. 

Once you have selected the permission level and scenarios to share with your team, you will click the grant access button and your teammates will get a notification that they have been given access to those selected scenarios, either as a viewer, editor, or admin.

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