DealWorthIt software generates various reports to help users analyze potential investment opportunities. Here are some of the types of reports that can be generated:

  1. Investment Summary: This report summarizes the key financial metrics for the investment, including cash flow, ROI, and net present value.
  2. Cash Flow Statement: This report provides a detailed analysis of the cash flows for the investment over a specified period, including rental income, expenses, and financing costs.
  3. Pro Forma: This report provides a projection of the financial performance of the investment over a specified period based on the user’s input data and assumptions.
  4. Comparative Analysis: This report compares the financial performance of multiple properties side-by-side and helps users determine which property is the most profitable.
  5. Market Analysis: This report provides a detailed analysis of the local real estate market, including property values, rental rates, and market trends.
  6. Financing Report: This report analyzes the investment’s financing options and helps users determine the best financing option based on their specific financial goals and criteria.

Overall, the reports generated by DealWorthIt software provide users with a comprehensive analysis of potential investment opportunities and help them make informed investment decisions.

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